Schumacher BAF-B1 Battery Terminal Cleaning Brush

Price: $5.29
(as of Aug 06,2023 13:21:29 UTC – Details)

Ensure your battery is at operating at peak performance with the Schumacher BAF-BI Terminal Cleaning Brush. Featuring a durable, compact metal case, this pocket-sized brush includes stiff chrome bristles that easily remove dirt, grime, and buildup. To use, simply remove the cap and extend brush for detail work or place the brush hood over the terminal and twist side to side or up and down for leveraged cleaning power. Safe for use on both positive and negative terminal posts.

CHROME BRUSH: Stiff metal bristle brush offers reliable cleaning power for removing tough buildup and dirt
DYNAMIC USE: Use on compatible vehicle and marine batteries on both positive and negative terminals
SIMPLE OPERATION: Remove cap and extend the brush head or press the brush hood over the terminal post for easy cleaning
COMPACT SIZE: Small size for easy storage in a tool box or glove compartment

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