Novalinea Large Wide Single Shelf Recessed Shower Niche, Ready to Tile, 16″ x 28″ x 3.75″

Price: $69.99
(as of Aug 11,2023 20:59:20 UTC – Details)

✅ 100% WATERPROOF READY TO TILE: Made from a single piece of ABS plastic, there are no weak points where water can penetrate, unlike a Shower niche framed from pieces of backerboard. The ledges of the niche also have a slight slope for water runoff. This tough and impervious material also provides an excellent surface for tile adherence with modified thinset.
✅MODERN AND FUNCTIONAL: Not only perfect for storing all your shower needs but the end result looks awesome too, adding value to your home. It’s certainly a better solution than baskets hanging off your shower head, or metal shelves that must be attached to the walls with suction cups or anchor bolts, that are prone to rust and staining.
✅SAVES MONEY, TIME AND LABOR: Paying a contractor to frame a custom niche, making sure that everything is square, the ledges have a sufficient slope for water runoff, and the entire thing is waterproof will certainly cost a lot more than buying our prefabricated shower niche, cutting out an opening in the backerboard and simply installing it between the wall studs.
✅EASY TO INSTALL: Order now and get your project started. Although tiling a shower niche can be a challenging project for the novice, using a prefabricated shower niche makes it a lot easier than creating a niche using pieces of backerboard.

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