Intermediate Shaft Bushings Steering Wheel Column Sleeve 6061-Billet Aluminum Compatible With Dodge Ram 2003-2019 1500/2500/3500/4500/5500 5.9, 6.7, G56, Cummins Diesel, Made And Shipped In USA

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**********Don’t be fooled by cheap aluminum knock offs from China, we offer 6061-Billet Aluminum made and shipped right here in the USA!!!!!**********One of the steering problems we found on our Ram Diesels and non Diesels trucks is that the little bushings on the intermediate steering shaft can wear allowing movement within the shaft. An inexpensive fix to this problem is 2 bushings that can be pressed into the shaft/collar. This bushings are machined out of billet aluminum and have been tapered to allow for easy installation. The whole process takes about 5 minutes to install, is extremely inexpensive and works wonders for your steering column. We have seen many customers replacing absolutely everything on their vehicle and not seeing any results. We suggest starting with this inexpensive fix first to see if it helps solve your issue before dumping a ton of money into parts you may not need…. or at least if you are replacing the ball joints, add these on and do them at the same time to maximize your results. The Intermediate shaft is located under the hood near the brake booster for 2003 and some 2004 models, but mostly it is located inside the driver side cab near the gas pedal around shin height. You can remove it if you like, but you don’t have to. There’s enough room in there to get them in without removal from the truck.**********MADE AND SHIPPED IN THE US**********WE SHIP SAME OR NEXT DAY**********
Made In USA
Easy Install
Removes Sterring Play

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