HMR Diet: A Review, Analysis, and Beginner’s Overview of the Diet Program

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Not everyone is familiar with HMR, but the majority, especially the millennials and Gen Z, have heard of a diet that makes use of meal-replacement shakes. A lot are skeptical about it. Is it possible to replace meals with a beverage? Will you get sufficient vitamins and nutrients from that? Will you not get hungry without heavy meals? Does it mean you can skip the exercise?

There are many questions and misconceptions about the “meal replacement shake diet”. If you do your research, though, you will realize that that particular diet that has gained recent popularity is called Health Management Resources Diet, or simply, HMR.

Health Management Resources Diet (HMR) was originally formulated about 30 years ago with the main goal of helping obese people lose weight. It is a medically supervised type of Very Low-Calorie Diet or VLCD. Weight loss from the HMR program is achieved by eating very low quantities of calories each day. This creates a calorie deficit that drives metabolism.

HMR is not as well-known as other similar types of weight loss diet because it is originally reserved for in-clinic services, and is catered to those who are clinically obese or are in need to lose more than 40 pounds of excess weight. These people need a more intensive weight loss program and mostly require close supervision for effective and safe weight loss.

This guide will help you understand how and why exactly HMR is effective. You will learn about the different phases of HMR and how the entire program works. This guide will also tell you about what nutritional benefits can come from HMR’s product range.

What is good about HMR is unlike other weight loss programs, HMR supplies most of the daily food for its participants who opted for the home program. You will not do much shopping or prepare lots of food each day.

Your food will be delivered, and it will be easy to prepare. Shake mixes are already premeasured. Entrees and hot cereals are all pre-packaged, making preparation as simple as putting food inside a microwave oven. Sounds good, right?

This guide was written with the hopes that you, dear reader, will gain insights regarding HMR. With all the questions surrounding this particular diet, there is so much to cover. Each chapter will help you gain more information on the program.

Whether you are reading this to jumpstart your weight loss journey or to help a loved one in his/her choice to try HMR, may you find each page useful? Best of luck on your path to better lifestyle choices!

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