GELCRETE Polymer for Anchoring Down Basketball Goals, Freestanding Punching Bag, Outdoor Umbrella, Volleyball Nets, Etc. JUST ADD Water – Replaces Sand & Sandbags for Bases 16 oz

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GELCRETE is a superior base additive, designed to keep your equipment in place. Play with confident knowing your equipment is secure! Can be used for Basketball Goals, Kickboxing Dummies, Volleyball Nets, Umbrellas, or any outdoor equipment that you need to keep in place. Gelcrete is a basketball goal portable base polymer, 16-Ounce. Works great for other equipment such as volleyball nets, kickboxing dummies, outdoor equipment, umbrella stands. Perfect solution to replace sand and sandbags which are heavy and messy. Much more effective than just water.

How to Use How to Use

GELCRETE is easy to use! Fill up your base with GELCRETE. Fill base 3/4 of the way up with water. Wait 10 Minutes for GELCRETE to set. Your equipment is now secured and ready to use!

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SUPERIOR BASE ADDITIVE: GELCRETE is a superior alternative to Water and Sand. Sand can be a pain, and also can get expensive. Water will freeze, and is notorious for leaking out of bases unexpectedly. GELCRETE is a cost effective, efficient way to solve this problem. Just Add Water!
INCREASE STABILITY: GELCRETE will protect basketball goals, punching bag filler, volleyball nets, umbrella stands & patio furniture, fitness equipment, boxing heavy bags and dummies against tipping and strong winds. Maximizing Base Stability increases the way you enjoy your equipment!
FREEZE AND LEAK RESISTANT: GELCRETE is superior to just adding water into your equipment base. GELCRETE will absorb the water and create a gel that will resist freezing. Freezing can cause cracks and leaks in a plastic base. When this occurs. your outdoor equipment will be damaged and weak. Use your equipment year round!
EASY CLEANUP: In the event you need to move your equipment, Gelcrete can be easily removed by draining the base. Simply add salt to the gelcrete and it will return back to liquid consistency.
BOTTLE CONTENTS: Each GELCRETE bottle contains 16 ounces of absorbent polymer, each bottle can be mixed with up to 35 gallons of water. This will prevent your equipment from tipping or blowing away. This in turn will give your equipment a longer lifespan.

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