EzyShade Windshield Sun Shade with Shield-X Reflective Technology. See Size-Chart with Your Vehicle. Foldable 2-Piece Car Sunshades Reflect UV Sun Heat and Protect Your Car. Standard (Medium) Size

Price: $26.99 - $17.97
(as of Jul 03,2023 17:37:40 UTC – Details)

Product Description

2 shades each 23.5″ x 29″ 2 shades each 28″ x 31″ 2 shades each 32.5″ x 36″

Type of Sunshade
2-Piece Foldable Windshield Sunshade (Small) 2-Piece Foldable Windshield Sunshade (Medium) 2-Piece Foldable Windshield Sunshade (Large)

Shield-X Ultra Reflective Technology

UV Protection
99% 99% 99%

Cooling Potential
Unrivaled, up to 82% Unrivaled, up to 82% Unrivaled, up to 82%

Customer Card

Custom-Like Fit
Yes (Check Size-Chart for your Vehicle) Yes (Check Size-Chart for your Vehicle) Yes (Check Size-Chart for your Vehicle)

Instructional Video

EzyShade Sunshade with Shield-X Ultra-Reflective TechnologyEzyShade Sunshade with Shield-X Ultra-Reflective Technology

The Shield-X Advantage

Shield-X Ultra-Reflective Technology is the first genuine innovation the automotive sun shade industry has seen in years.

Exclusive to EzyShade, this ultra-efficient reflective coating delivers a reflective index superior to any other comparable sun shades, leaving your car’s interior up to 82% cooler. No other sun shade comes close.

► 99% UV Protection

► 82% Heat Reduction

►15% more efficient than alternative comparable sunshades

EzyShade with Shield-X means superior protection for your dashboard and interior, and far greater comfort for you and your loved ones when getting back in your car. It’s a difference you can truly notice!

Why Choose EzyShade?

EzyShade with Shield-X Reflective Graphic (82% Cooler)EzyShade with Shield-X Reflective Graphic (82% Cooler)

Image of Packaging ComponentsImage of Packaging Components

Included Anti-Slip Dashboard MatIncluded Anti-Slip Dashboard Mat

EzyShade Compact StorageEzyShade Compact Storage

Shield-X Ultra Reflective Technology

Shield-X is a revolution in reflective innovation. EzyShade + Shield-X equals superior protection and greater comfort.

Satisfaction means Everything

EzyShade have considered everything to provide a positive customer experience. From quality, fit and ease-of-use, you will have peace-of-mind with EzyShade.

Anti-Slip Dashmat Included

Every purchase includes an anti-slip dashboard mat. This remarkable little mat will conveniently keep loose items such as change, sun glasses and even cell phones secure whilst driving!

Easy Storage

Convenient to install and convinient to store, your EzyShade sun shades will fold away and store neatly and easily into the storage pouch provided.

EzyShade Vehicle Size ChartEzyShade Vehicle Size Chart

Achieve a Custom-Like Fit with EzyShade’s Independantly Verified Size Chart

EzyShade have got you covered with 3 sizes to ensure an optimal fit for your vehicle:

► SMALL (Sports): 2 rectangular shades, each measuring 23.5 x 29 inches (59.5 x 73.5 cm)

► MEDIUM (Standard): 2 rectangular shades, each measuring 28 x 31 inches (71 x 79 cm)

► LARGE (Max): 2 rectangular shades, each measuring 32.5 x 36 inches (82.5 x 91.5 cm)

EzyShade’s two shade design gives you greater flexibility to achieve the perfect fit. You can install the shades vertically or horizontally, behind or in front of your rear view mirror – whatever works best.

EzyShade’s merticulous fit assessment process, backed by regular independant verification, can leave you confident knowing that if your vehicle is in the Size Chart, a custom-like fit can be achieved for your car.

Find your vehicle in EzyShade’s easy-read Size Selection Chart (scroll through the image section at the top of this product page).

Folding and Ease-of-Use are absolute EzyShade Priorities!

EzyShade Folding (Step 1)EzyShade Folding (Step 1)

EzyShade Folding (Step 2)EzyShade Folding (Step 2)

EzyShade Folding (Step 3)EzyShade Folding (Step 3)

EzyShade Folding (Step 4)EzyShade Folding (Step 4)

Folding – Step 1

Overlap both shades and hold them at the top with hands wide apart and your fingers facing outward. Bend the shades so that the outside of the shades move toward you.

Folding – Step 2

Continue bending the shades by rotating your wrists until your hands come together with your palms facing outward. A small circle will form at the top of the shades.

Folding – Step 3

Hold this circle with one hand. With your other hand reach down and grab the larger circle that has automatically formed below.

Folding – Step 4

Move the larger circle toward the smaller circle until both circles are overlapping. Secure the shades with the elastic loops or just slide them into the storage pouch.

► There’s more than one way to fold. Check the Folding Video for more details. Ease-of-Use is an absolute EzyShade priority.

EBC Final Logo Image (Girl Holding Pouch)EBC Final Logo Image (Girl Holding Pouch)

BEST COVERAGE. BEST FIT. Find your vehicle in the easy-to-read SIZE CHART. Don’t persist with shades that don’t quite fit right. EzyShade Sunshades are 2 identical rectangular shades. This allows for maximum adaptability to your car’s windshield. You can install vertically or horizontally to achieve the perfect fit.
EASY TO USE AND FOLD. EzyShade’s unique design gives you two folding options, one of which is so simple that EzyShade even guarantee it! There’s no wrestling with these sunshades. EzyShade is quick and easy to install, and quick and easy to fold and store away. Check out the folding video on this product page.
KEEP COOL. Don’t let the hot sun damage your car or your mood. The superior double shade design combined with Shield-X Ultra Reflective Technology offers maximum coverage and efficient UV and sun protection (over 99% block out!), keeping you and your loved ones’ cooler and happier.
ADDED EXTRA. Every sunshade purchased includes an added non-slip sticky dashboard mat! This convenient little mat lets you slap your cell phone, change and other small items against your dash, maintaining a secure grip.


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