Champion Sports Deck Tennis Rings: Outdoor Party, Beach & Playground Game for Adults, Kids & Families – Set of 12 Rubber Disks for Tennikoit Games

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Deck tennis is a combination of tennis and a lesser-known game called quoits. Originating more than 100 years ago as a passenger ship game, this fun, fast-paced and athletic sport has remained popular from the school yard to the backyard. It also goes by many other names, including tenniquoits, tennikoit, ring tennis and deck rings.

Ring tennis is a simple-to-learn game with rules similar to conventional tennis. Players toss the rubber rings back and forth over a net or boundary line using one hand only to throw and catch. Points are earned when players on the opposing side fail to catch the ring or drop it, as long as the ring lands inside the court. Scoring can be the same as tennis, or players can decide that the first side with 15 points wins each set.

This toss game is a fun activity for all sorts of outdoor events and gatherings, including cookouts and birthday parties. Most of us don’t have a home tennis court, but that’s no problem. Simply create your own lines and boundaries in the grass or sand, or buy an inexpensive net that can easily be set up and taken down.

Tennikoit is suitable for all ages and skill levels. It’s played by men, women, teens and children. The soft rings are safe enough for indoor use, yet they’re strong enough to withstand the outdoors. Tennikoit can also go on the road as a game for tailgating, beach parties and camping trips.

This rubber quoits set can be used for any type of ring toss game, not just deck tennis. Some of our customers have come up with other clever ways to use them, including as a dog toy for catching and fetching, and in gyms and workout studios to keep stability balls from rolling around.

– Champion Sports Deck Tennis Ring Set
– 12 Sponge Rubber Rings
– Royal Blue, Green, Red, Orange, Purple and Yellow
– 2 of Each Color
EASY TO LEARN – Deck tennis is played by tossing a rubber disk or quoit across a net or center line using only one hand to throw and catch; the simple rules are very similar to conventional tennis
FUN PARTY GAME – No tennis court, no problem; create your own center line in the lawn or sand, or buy an inexpensive net to set up in the backyard for BBQs, birthday parties, pool parties and more
ALL AGES – Suitable for all ages and skills levels, ring tennis is enjoyed by men, women, teens and children; popular as a playground or PE game, as well as for families on picnics or camping trips
VERSATILE SET – The soft yet durable rubber quoits can be used for any type of ring toss game you can dream up, not just deck tennis; some people also love them as dog toys for chasing and fetching

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