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Finally, a cute car service log book for young drivers or new car owners! Perfect for a young adult who just got her first car or her driver’s license.

Easy to maintain and useful in keeping track of all the monthly maintenance, 3-month checks, and yearly maintenance.

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This 118 page 6″x9″ log book includes:

āœ”ļø A beginning dedication page to write your wishes to the new car owner – or to yourself!
āœ”ļø Quick tips on car maintenance
āœ”ļø Important phone numbers and relevant vehicle information
āœ”ļø Yearly maintenance checklists to last 8 years
āœ”ļø Monthly Checklist with a journal entry for places traveled that month
āœ”ļø Checklist for items to check every 3 months
āœ”ļø A fill-in section for miscellaneous services.

Be sure to click the image and have a look inside the book.

Safe Travels!


From the Publisher

Automobile Maintenance Book for girlsAutomobile Maintenance Book for girls

Safe & Happy

Gift for girl driverGift for girl driver

Leave your worries behind!

This cheerful little book holds all sorts of important information right at her fingertips.

āœ” A beginning dedication page to write your wishes to the new car owner – or to yourself!

āœ” Quick tips on car maintenance

āœ” Important phone numbers and relevant vehicle information

āœ” Monthly entries of maintenance checklists

āœ” Yearly maintenance section

āœ” A journal page to list all the places traveled to that month

Safe Travels!

What You’ll Find Inside

Maintenance ReviewMaintenance Review

Important listsImportant lists


Places You've BeenPlaces You've Been

Quick Review of Car Maintenance

Quick overview on why car maintenance is important in a fun format.

List of things to remember to do and why they should be done.

Important Information

Right at the fingertips will be information on:

vehicle make & modelregistrationgas & oil typesinfo on tires and wipersinsurance informationimportant phone numbers


Each month contains the all-important maintenance checklist.

There is also a yearly section for things that don’t need to get done each month.

It is so easy to use! Just check what has been done along with the date and mileage. Done!

Places You’ve Been or Want to See

Because driving places is so much fun, you also get a page to add all your fun travels each month! Or notes… or whatever you want to jot down.

Easy to Use

Car CareCar Care

Vehicle InformationVehicle Information

Monthly MaintenanceMonthly Maintenance

Places I've beenPlaces I've been

Reminds them to be safe

You just got a new car and you don’t know what to do. No worries!

This page is easy to read and a great reminder of what you should do to be safe!

Who, what, where?

You have room to include insurance information, important phone numbers. There is a page for everything about your car too.

No more guessing about the size of your windshield wipers!

The checklist

Easy peasy checklist!

Sweet on the eyes and easy to check all that needs to be done this month.

Never again forget to top up your fluids or check your belts!

Journey journal

It’s so exciting to be driving!

Each month you have a space to list the places you went. It is a great keepsake for new drivers.

Color of Black & White Interior
Black & White Full Color Black & White

6″ x 9″ 6″ x 9″ 6″ x 9″

Easy to use

Number of Pages
120 120 120

ASIN ā€ : ā€Ž B09918HVKZ
Publisher ā€ : ā€Ž Independently published (July 4, 2021)
Language ā€ : ā€Ž English
Paperback ā€ : ā€Ž 120 pages
ISBN-13 ā€ : ā€Ž 979-8531549808
Item Weight ā€ : ā€Ž 8.3 ounces
Dimensions ā€ : ā€Ž 6 x 0.28 x 9 inches

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