Block Tester BT-500 Combustion Leak Test Kit – Made in USA

Price: $39.99 - $36.99
(as of Jul 31,2023 13:59:28 UTC – Details)

The Block Tester is a used to detect the presence of exhaust gases in an engine’s cooling system, typically caused by a blown head gasket or cracked head or block. It comes complete with enough fluid to conduct 16 tests. There are no additional tools needed, and no need to tap into an engine vacuum source. Works with virtually any liquid-cooled internal combustion engine or generator with a closed cooling system including: gasoline, diesel, propane, natural gas and other alternative fuels. Large, single-chamber design provides greater accuracy and uses less test fluid.

When Fluid Turns From BLUE to YELLOW Combustion Leak is Present
Tests in seconds for combustion leaks caused by: Blown Head Gasket (BHG) Cracked Head or Block Pulled Bolts or Studs Warped Sealing Surfaces
Quality Tool Made in USA for over 45 years with Limited Lifetime Warranty
Packaged in OEM white box

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