BaseGel Polymer for Basketball Goal and Outdoor Indoor Sign Hoops Bases, Perfect Replacement for Sand and Sandbags to Anchor Portable Sports Pools Baskets, Easy to Use and Apply with Water, 16 oz

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(as of Aug 04,2023 14:45:33 UTC – Details)

Super absorbent polymer replaces sand or water as ballast weight for portable base supports for basketball goals, blow molded fitness bases and volleyball nets.
SUPER ABSORBENT: BaseGel polymer effectively replaces sand or water as ballast weight for portable floor supports. Cross-linked polyacrylate polymer absorbs up to 400 times its weight in water to create a firm and stable gel that lasts.
LEAK RESISTANT: BaseGel polymer offers resistance to leaks if small holes or cracks develop in the base. It provides a durable freeze and thaw for use in any climate. Base Gel stays a solid gel for 7 years or more. Environmentally friendly. Easily removes from sign bases. Simply add salt to the gel and it dissolves within minutes, returning to a liquid state.
QUICK RESOLUTION: One 16 ounce bottle of base gel replaces up to 8 bags of sand and turns water into gel in 5 to 10 minutes. Our polymers swell to form a firm, stable gel with an effective shelf life of over 7 years. H2Old, LLC specializes in developing innovative polymer products that enhance and build upon the water absorption and retention benefits of superabsorbent polymers to meet specific application needs.
HOW TO USE: Add approximately 2/3 of the dry Base Gel polymer into the portable base. Fill the base 1/2 full with water. Add remaining Base Gel polymer and fill base with water, leaving approximately 1/2” of air space. The Base Gel polymer will absorb the water in 5-10 minutes creating a firm gel.

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